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Dear neckbeards:

Posted: November 24, 2012 in Feminism, Neckbeards, Rants
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Just because you are married to a woman (and I have my doubts about that) doesn’t mean that you know everything that is to know about women. We are persons, individuals. We aren’t aren’t a monolith. Claiming that you are “half a lady” because you have a mother doesn’t make you witty or smart, rather the opposite.

So, just shut the fuck up.

No Love.

A woman.


I rarely join forums or other “social” sites. I’m a rather abbrasive person, so when conforted with things such as sexism I easily explode, let’s not start talking about my pacience with ignorant individuals such as neckbeards. Truly, the only reason I joined this particular site was because I got my eye on some of those mods so I can’t tell them how much of a dipshit they are, which aren’t accesible unless you are an “approved” member, but I digress.