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Once again, women are literally erased from history. Sometimes it’s hard to believe this still happens in the 21st Century.

And then I remember just with what we’re dealing here (men and their frail egos) and stop being surprised.

Una vez más las mujeres son, literalmente, borradas de la historia. A veces me cuesta trabajo creer que en pleno siglo 21 esto siga ocurriendo.
Y luego recuerdo con quién estamos tratando (los hombres y su frágil ego) y dejo de soprenderme.

Feminist Philosophers

The History of Philosophy as a giant poster, but without women (again)..

It just oughtn’t to be acceptable anymore for members of the profession to react to this depiction of the history of our discipline without protest.

Significant or interesting philosophers of the past were NOT all men, and even if women were a minority, it is not such a small minority that it couldn’t show in a pictorial representation.

I am not saying that the creator of the poster is to blame, but that we, as professional philosophers, should probably not consider using this as a teaching resource.

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