The world is full of neckbeards

Posted: April 11, 2012 in English, Neckbeards, Rants
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I rarely join forums or other “social” sites. I’m a rather abbrasive person, so when conforted with things such as sexism I easily explode, let’s not start talking about my pacience with ignorant individuals such as neckbeards. Truly, the only reason I joined this particular site was because I got my eye on some of those mods so I can’t tell them how much of a dipshit they are, which aren’t accesible unless you are an “approved” member, but I digress.

If you have ever wondered what “Benevolent”* sexism is, you just need to look at this topic.

In this topic, we can find some *gems* such as:

I am not sexist, actually I love women, all of them
Problem is, I don’t want to see them get hurt. I cringe every time a female fiend or raider crosses my path and I shoot at her.
And the real problem is that my character takes a heck lot of damage across the storyline and free-roam. And most of it is my fault, cause I didn’t pay enough attention.
Another issue is that the picture of a woman with a really big weapon has never attracted me. I’ve never seen a woman look good knee-deep in war trenches, shooting and murdering people and monsters

Oh, gee, this is so full of bullshit that I don’t even know where to start. You Sir, are a fucking neckbeard, a fucking sexist in the whole sense of the word.

in short:
– I can’t relate to a female character because it wouldn’t encompass my personality
– women are too delicate and elegant to fire an assault rifle realistically, or swing a baseball bat at someone’s skull
– I hate to see a woman get hurt

Why don’t you come here, so this 200lb, 5’10”, weightlifting woman can show you how delicate she is? Better yet, tell this woman how “delicate” you think she is:

Seems to me the only women you know are those found on TV and movies, you obviously have no experience with real, living women.

Besides, a very skinny, top-model sexy, attractive woman is especially unrealistic in combat, cause that would mean god not only blessed her with amazing good-looks (and in RPGs she has to be smart too), but she has to be Rambo as well – expert guerrilla fighter, melee master, explosives expert… not that women can’t do that, I just don’t find it very feminine.

Proof that the idiot doesn’t know any real women. Also, nobody gives a shit what you find “feminine” or “masculine”, you disgusting neckbeard.

Here comes Neckbeard #2! Full of insightful comment!


I second every word that u’ve said mate.

However, there was some female solders trough recent history. Mostly snipers, from Iraq to Bosnia.
I have friend that was in the war In Bosnia and he was sniper, barely 19 years old. And he said many times before there’s nothing glorious about it. He still got flashbacks… I don’t think that women should live with this burden. Taking the fact that they are mount pole of the family, and they’re ones that put our children on righteous path. As it was said in (correct me if I’m wrong) The Lord Of The Rings – Return of The King “War is the province of man.”

Oh fuck… I can’t even… That quote alone just shows why Neckbeard #2 is basically, a moron.

Neckbeard #3 is also, full of shit.

An adventuring female character in a harsh wasteland just doesn’t feel right.

I’ll imply my reasons but know that they’re neither based on game values nor gender judgement. They’re my logical opinion.

1. Physical Endurance: Females generally not as strong as males.

2. Cultural Reference: In my country, females generally prefer settling lives than adventuring ones, especially in a wasteland.

3. Personal Taste: I love assault and sniper rifles but I find them look weird in the hands of a female.

4. Personal Experience: My father was in the Air Force and one day he invited me to see a firing session. I saw a woman soldier dislocate her shoulder for improperly firing an M16 rifle. I was very sad. I find women are beautiful and I can’t stand to see them get hurt.

Again with the “Women are beautiful! I don’t want to see them get hurt!” bullshit.

Get this straight, you pathetic pieces of crap: We are not objects, we are not here for your pleasure; we are human beings, just like you, putting us on a “pedestal” doesn’t make you less sexist or less of an asshole.

The sad part is that I have to put with these idiots, at least until I get the mods I want from the site.

Damn, I’m pathetic.

*I don’t completely agree with the definition, but let’s leave it at that for this discussion.

  1. Something you might enjoy, which I bet it would throw the “war is the province of Man(TM)” neckbeard into a fit: ,

    Here the same author explains why the “men hunted, women gathered” canard is just that; a canard:


  2. Stacy W says:

    As a feminist, your use of “neckbeard” is offensive to me.

    • meishuu says:

      Uh uh.

      Do you expect to believe that you are an actual feminist (or woman) and not a neckbeard?

      [Insert here a “Looks are the fucks I don’t give” image]

  3. Ha! Fucking losers, every one of them. The rationalizations and leaps of “man logic” astound.

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